About Me

Photo Credit: Angela Stebbins
Photo Credit: Angela Stebbins

I am a Professor of Biology at Keene State College who incorporates Open Pedagogical practices into my teaching because of its great potential for revolutionizing teaching and learning, and the ways in which it resonates very clearly with my passion for social justice. Courses that I teach currently include Animal Behavior, Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology, Molecules and Cells, Evolution & Human Behavior, and Tropical Marine Biology.  Because I believe that scientific investigation, like education, should be transparent, widely collaborative and designed to serve the public, I am working on integrating the principles and practices of Open Science into the undergraduate biology curriculum. I am also an affiliate member of the Women’s and Gender Studies department at KSC and have been for years involved in numerous activist efforts (both on and off campus) around issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

As the TCI team coordinator for Reefcheck International, I established and continue to collect data for a coral reef monitoring program in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and run a Reef Education program (ecology, conservation, diversity and marine skills) for young student residents of Providenciales, TCI. My past research has involved the behavioral ecology of spiders, especially the evolution of social behavior and the ways in which multiple factors influence foraging complexity in a web-invading, sometimes kleptoparasitic, spider.

I am also the Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment at Keene State College where our mission is to encourage and inspire the career-long professional learning of faculty as teacher-scholars and leaders of a vibrant community of learners. We collaborate with faculty to promote, support, and develop learning environments that put students at the center of faculty teaching, scholarship and service.

Feel free to email me at kcangial@keene.edu or find me on twitter @karencang