Open Pedagogy Learning Community Resource List  (This list was generated from suggestions made by many people working in Open Education- please add more resources to this spreadsheet!)

In my biology courses designed using some principles of Open Pedagogy, many of my students have produced fabulous blog posts and other work.  You can find their sites under courses.  Here, I have chosen a few  to highlight some examples.

Student e-ports and blogging, connecting content between courses:

Alana Olendorf

Jessica Comeau

Haley Zanga 

Audrey Boraski

Emily Thorpe

Nicholas Sonsini

Elizabeth McGurk

Miranda Dean (includes her post “What an Open Pedagogy Class Taught me About Myself“)


Eavesdropping is not Always Harmful!

Science and Art:

Animal Behavior Comics

Wildlife cams, observing wildlife: 

Wow Watch Wildlife

Class Twitter feeds:

Follow #KSCMarineBio or #Evolhumbehav or #KSCAnimBehav