Towards a Manifesto for Liberatory Open Education

At the 2020 Open Education Conference this past November, Tanya Elias and I co-facilitated a participatory session, where we shared our draft Manifesto for how we began to imagine Liberatory Open Education. We then invited participants to help co-create the document and to talk about how we might best share and use it. At least 14 people contributed to the editing and adding of content at (and since) the conference, and we know of at least one group that has taken our draft and is creating a manifesto using this one as a place to begin.

We would like to continue this work. Please go to the Draft Manifesto and continue to edit, add thoughts, and add your name as a contributor. You can also copy all or some of this openly licensed document and create your own manifesto with students or colleagues or whoever. Please ping us when you do!

Graphic Recording Manifesto by Anna Lena Schiller [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
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