Keynotes and Invited Talks

I enjoy speaking, doing workshops and collaborating with those who are interested in learning more about open educational resources, open pedagogy and open science. Below is a list of where I have been recently and where I am headed next. Please email me ( if you are interested in bringing me to your campus. 

Some Testimonials from the web:

“Do not confuse Dr. Karen Cangialosi’s “radical optimism” with some Panglossian belief in inevitable progress. Quite conversely, Dr. Cangialosi’s optimism-as-praxis is rooted in struggle, discipline, and clarity of purpose. Her afternoon keynote contextualized contemporary conversations about open pedagogy within the broader landscape of critical pedagogy, feminist and queer theory, and decolonization discourse. She also presented a model demonstrating how open pedagogy attacks the systemic problems that undermine education. Open movements are about student agency, community and collaborations, and increasing access to (the attaining, creation, and sharing of) knowledge, and, ultimately, power. To recognize this is to recognize the transformative potential of this moment, which is certainly grounds for optimism.”  -Dale Coleman, Cascadia Open Education Summit summary

“Karen gave us all a truly remarkable experience…. [her] keynote struck exactly the right balance: overwhelmingly positive inspiration and practical advice with just the right amount of reflection to help new folks and veterans alike maintain the critical distance we should always bring to anything we do.”  -Nate Angell, On Empowering Students to Open Knowledge Practices